'Play' by Zhe-Tititi

You cannot find peace by avoiding life.
Virginia Woolf (via thestreep)



Spring by Dawn Gardner


Spring by Dawn Gardner


Jan Kattein Architects 

Jan Kattein Architects’ stunning winning entry for the Peabody Trust small projects panel competition.

"Life in the city is about carefully mediating between public space and private space, individual interests and the common good. Our proposal for Morpeth Road encourages a lively and bustling street scene that makes a positive contribution to the city. The terraced typology generates a well-overlooked street, but it also gives each unit a high degree of privacy. With courtyard gates, doors and windows lining the pavement we hope that children playing, neighbours talking across the garden wall and the comings and goings of local residents will help to generate a cohesive community in Morpeth Road. Cities are fluctuant entities. People’s needs and lifestyles change. The houses are designed with flexibility in mind. The living space accommodates various use patterns. The kitchen and dining room can easily be partitioned and the private courtyard garden provides opportunities for customisation and adaptation."

Illustrations by Anna Mill :-)

Light takes 4 years to reach us from the next closest star


Artist Noel Badges Pugh. Tumblr / Instagram 


játszom a levelekkel ennyicsak
köszönöm Áronnak az együttszedést és a préselést, ez utóbbihoz Lacinak a súlyzóit és Pufinak, hogy hogyan kell beállítani a fényeket a fotóban

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Slow Life


Confocal image of Membranipora membranacea. The triple staining shows three organs in one image. Cells of the nervous system are indicated in pink, ciliated organs in blue, muscular structures in green.