There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.
— Howard Zinn (via fy-perspectives)


Shoemaker Chair by Martín Azúa



I cried when I saw this video of the poem «All The Way», by Charles Bukowski.

Japan. Miyazaki. The Artificial beach inside the Seagaia Ocean Dome. 1996

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This smart rug can automatically call for help if a person has fallen on the floor. 

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It’s even cooler when you stand back and squint your eyes.

Or take your glasses off

or take your glasses off

The only pic that’s ever made me exercise

This is mind boggling.

My arm is not long enough but I got your point


Photo of the Day: Serenity Beyond the Clouds

Photo by Douglas Croft (San Jose, CA, USA); Big Sur, CA, USA


Time Lapse of the summer. 


Sculpted miniature landscapes by Kendal Murray

Kendal Murray’s miniature sculptures stage dream-like narratives that are played out by microscopic identities with giant personalities. Short stories and tall tales are enacted in a range of playful and dramatic scenarios that are imbued with social, symbolic and personal meaning. Glass teapots, grass-covered purses, mirrored makeup compacts and open books set the stage for each scenario, offering the delight of the unexpected, the puzzle of a question and the possibility of a dream escape into make-believe worlds.

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Researchers at UCLA have developed this organic solar cell, which promises a cheaper and more effective way to harness the sun’s power.  The new cells could serve as a power-generating layer on windows and smartphones without obstructing a person’s ability to see through the surface.


National Geographic Found

1. Aerial of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

2. American bison charge through heavy snow in Yellowstone National Park November 1967.

3. In the light of early morning the Vimy circles the pyramids at Giza on a dawn tour May 1995.

4. Women enjoy the benefits of a heated whirlpool in Saint Petersburg Florida 1973.

5. A group of people gather round and watch a snake charmer at work in India 1923.

6. Astronaut Neil Armstrong floats in his space suit in a pool of water in 1967